They're in distress, so come to their rescue

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When a customer is angry, raises their voice, or chooses to use you as their punching bag, it can be easy to take it as a personal attack and shut down, become defensive, or just plain mad.

The good news is, it’s never really about you. Instead of creating a story in your head where you’re the villain, decide to be the hero and come to the rescue!

  • Listen, acknowledge their concern, and offer comfort.

  • Identify the root of the problem and pull out all the stops! Do everything you can to turn the situation around.

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Can't take it anymore? Then give.


Ever had a tough day or week, and you’re just waiting for something good to happen? Psst… you don’t have to wait, create the moment!

If you feel you’re missing some positivity, warmth, or friendliness in your life, then give it. You’ll likely make someone else feel better, too, and boom - let the endorphins flow! 

Email the team a motivational quote, offer to help a co-worker through a new process, or leave an encouraging post-it on the desk of a stressed team member. (Chocolate always works, too).

Smile, Breathe, and Care on. You got this!

Super Bowl Monday

Whether you’re happy or sad today, don’t forget to give your customers the positivity they deserve.

Need a boost? Try some of these jokes:

Q: What did the cell say to his sister cell when she stepped on his toe?

A: Ah! Mitosis!

Q: Have you ever stood outside in a thunderstorm?

A: It was enlightening…

Share these puns with your team and rock on this week!

Happy Monday,
Team Ward Certified

Rein them in, Partner!


Detouring from the script and getting lost in conversation with a customer happens, and is sometimes even essential to creating a friendly interaction. But what happens when minutes have passed, and your other waiting customers start huffing and tapping their feet?

Be a master navigator to get back on track. Wait for a pause in the conversation and try something like:  

“Thank you, I needed a happy distraction today. Now, how may I help you?”


“I could talk about this all day, but I won’t take up any more of your time. How can I assist you?”

Smile, Breathe, and Rock on. You got this!

"All business" is Bad for Business


Maybe you’re busy, in the zone, or just not in the mood. Whatever the reason, you’re getting right down to business today. It’s quite possible that that’s making your customer interactions seem cold, robotic, and forgettable. But you’re a rock star!

You don’t have to strain yourself and be a Chatty Kathy, either. Use these quick tips to inject some energy into your conversations:

  • Check your pace. Too fast, and you’re rushing… too slow, and you’re bored out of your mind.

  • During a lull, ask the customer a question about their day or who they’re voting for on The Voice.

  • Smile! Whether you’re on the phone or in-person, smiling creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Plus it naturally warms up your tone.

What are your favorite ways to connect with customers?

Smile, Breathe, and Rock On. You got this!

Warm up your E-Conversations


Last week we learned how to warm up our voices over the phone. But how do we bring that tone to e-mails, chats, and texts? 

  1. Less is more. Shorter emails are not, contrary to popular belief, rude. They actually make you sound more professional. So make them as short as possible.

  2. Don’t clarify. Modifying words such as, “Just” hold back from your point and make you sound less confident. Check out the Just Not Sorry plug-in for more help spotting them.

  3. Break each new topic into a new line. Structuring your emails invites the reader to respond, instead of bogging them down with too much info.

How it looks:

Hello Potential Client,

I’m excited about our upcoming partnership. I’ve filled out the paperwork, and the contract has been signed.

Is there anything else you need from us at this stage?

The Greatest CSR Ever

Want more tailored tricks? Check out Crystal. Their plug-in will automatically remind you how to email specific people in your network right from your inbox.

Smile, Breathe, Rock on. You got this!