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Communications Expert, Ann Ward, is a facilitator and guest speaker with more than 20 years’ experience in customer service, sales, leadership, and teams. She has worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams to help people get over their ‘stuff’, so they can create more effective, positive workplaces.

Ann is quickly becoming the “go-to” consultant for workplace training (which is ironic, because she “goes-to” you!), bringing with her a unique, no-fluff approach and an ability to engage the entire audience.

She’s fluent in customer service, teamwork, and public speaking. Ann makes her presentations meaningful, memorable and, most importantly, fun! See Ann in action.

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Angela Evans has a smile as big as her journey from beautiful Salt Lake to bustling New York City. From marketing services to finance to years of theater, Angela has been honing her training and presentation skills and is ready to bring her playfulness to Team Ward Certified as a Rock Star Facilitator. She's passionate about creating an interactive and motivating training environment that supports learning and learners, and is a master at bringing new cast members into a production. She loves giving people the skills to excel using the skills and applications they use every day.

When not training, Angela is choreographing, doing yoga and high flying on a trapeze. She is fluent in DiSC, technical training and Broadway musicals. If all the world's a stage, she makes any audience feel like the stars of the show.

Karen Treviño-Nichols brings a passion for organization, accuracy, and smiles to Ward Certified. As VP of Misc. Stuff, Karen likens herself to Amazon Prime. She keeps clients well informed along the booking journey and cares for Ann and the team like precious cargo, removing any obstacles that might hamper an on-time, 5-star delivery. 

Karen, a Rio Grande Valley native, double-majored in Communication Studies and Psychology at The University of Texas - Pan American where she graduated with institutional honors. Karen has a background in customer service, training, health and human services, and local government. 

Karen loves anything Sci-Fi, cookies, and hanging out with Jorge (see below) and her recently adopted fur-baby, Eileen. She's fluent in Spanish, puns, and The Office.



Inez Kirchner is passionate about telling stories and helping people find their voice. She has more than 15 years of experience writing, creating content, and connecting brands with their audience. As Copywriter Extraordinaire, she creates content that aligns with our brand and promotes Ward Certified’s energy to our clients. She has had the pleasure of honing her communication skills within a variety of industries from fast food to finance to international relations! 

Inez was born and raised in San Antonio, and is fluent in Texas culture. When she’s not writing, traveling, or spending time with family, you can find her cheering on the San Antonio Spurs, DIY-ing, or chasing after her toddler.


Sam James loves to help people share their amazing ideas. As the Global Optimization Intern, Sam works to ensure that everything Ward Certified shares with the world is relevant, inclusive, and exciting. Sam teaches public speaking at the University of Alabama and will be starting her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall.

Sam loves performing with her a capella group, the AcaBellas, and will never pass up an opportunity to visit the Olive Garden. She is fluent in Spanish and has been known to send the team pump up playlists at the start of the week. See Sam in action.


Laura Kalb is a bucket-filling pro who is passionate about pouring into others to help them change the world. When not supporting Ward Certified as our Behind-the-Scenes Batman, Laura is Assistant Director for Coaching and Professional Development at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Her expertise lies in event planning, career advising, client management, and data analysis.

Laura loves all things Excel and project management software. She lives for optimizing systems (like our team!), is fluent in data analysis, and can pick out the perfect GIF for any scenario.

Denyse Burns brings Wonder Woman status to Ward Certified! Denyse founded Madison-Burns & Associates, a New York and Toronto coaching, consulting and training firm where she’s worked with a wide range of audiences, including Fortune 500 CEOs and Vice-Presidents. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and meeting facilitation.

While Denyse speaks regularly at Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, NYU and University of Toronto on coaching and social intelligence, she still finds time to provide executive coaching for Ward Certified’s clients.  

Denyse is fluent in DiSC, MBTI, LSA, FIRO-B, COI, English, French, fashion and wine.


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Jorge brings a calm confidence to Team Ward Certified. Joining the team in 2017, he has years of experience in a variety of fields, including pastures, parks, and even meadows. As the team Cheerleader, he ensures that everyone takes a moment to get up, walk, and breathe.

Jorge likes long walks along the Riverwalk, chasing cats and ducks, and napping. He’s fluent in Spanish, back scratches, and snacks.

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