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Ann Ward

Chief Experience Officer, Author, Coach & Facilitator

Ann works with the best and the brightest to identify what’s standing between them and the message they want to convey. She meets professionals where they are geographically (and psychologically) to change behaviors and improve personal or team outcomes.  

With more than 20 years’ coaching, speaking, and training experience, Ann knows that motivation to change can only come from the inside. For that reason, she applies healthy doses of empathy, listening and coffee to make her client experiences fun and her results last.  See Ann in action.

Jorge is the zen master at Ward Certified. He reminds the team that good things happen if you take time to stretch, walk and nap.

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Angela Evans

Rock Star Facilitator

Angela has a smile as big as her journey from beautiful Salt Lake to bustling New York City. From marketing services to finance to years of theater, Angela has been honing her training and presentation skills and is ready to bring her playfulness to Team Ward Certified. She's passionate about creating an interactive and motivating training environment that supports learning and learners, and is a master at bringing new cast members into a production. She loves giving people the skills to excel using the skills and applications they use every day.

When not training, Angela is choreographing, doing yoga and high flying on a trapeze. She is fluent in DiSC, technical training and Broadway musicals. If all the world's a stage, she makes any audience feel like the stars of the show.

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Aimee Allen

Rock Star Facilitator

Aimee loves to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their desired growth. Her drive comes from her own journey of continual growth and watching her step-children trying to decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Aimee has an undergraduate degree in marketing and an MBA in Leadership. She has more than twenty years’ experience designing marketing and growth strategies, and now helps others grow through facilitating workshops, coaching, and teaching as an Adjunct Professor.

When she’s not changing lives, Aimee can be found enjoying time at her cabin in the woods, or at her cottage on the lake.

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Bonita Owens

Rock Star Facilitator

Bonita is a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and CEO/Founder of the Amazing Women Network.

Bonita is a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy from Tennessee State University. Although she loved her career in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist, Bonita found her passion and decided to change careers. In 2015, she obtained her certification as Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner from iPec Coaching.

When she’s not coaching or facilitating, Bonita can be found hanging with her kids, making people laugh and inspiring the fashionista in all of us.


Marianne Peterson

Rock Star Facilitator

Marianne has a fierce passion for leading and developing teams. She has worked across the globe for over 20 years with GE, building diverse teams from engineering, to manufacturing, to project management. She loves inspiring teams to perform at their highest capabilities with accountability, transparency and empowerment. Her drive comes from a personal motto: “See the Smile!”

Marianne extends this energy outside of work, coaching and playing volleyball, managing the local coffee shop her family owns, and planning adventures for family and friends.

Nicole Bowe-Rahming_300.jpg

Nicole Bowe-Rahming


Nicole is passionate about resiliency and the role it plays in allowing people to build amazing lives. As a mother, wife, autoimmune disease warrior, entrepreneur, teacher and military spouse, she has a wealth of experience to lean on.

Nicole earned a B.S. in Business, with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She is a certified Life and Confidence Coach.

Nicole will inspire you to greatness and help you navigate the obstacles keeping you from your dreams.

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Sam James

Global Optimization Guru & Rock Star Facilitator

Sam believes that everyone has amazing ideas, and helps to share them in the most effective way possible. On the line between Millennial and Generation Z, she brings a fresh perspective and a proven track record of success to team Ward Certified as a facilitator and coach.

Sam has a Masters in Intercultural Communications, was a facilitator for her university's Speaking Studio, and is co-founder of Cool Beans Coaching, a just-in-time presentations service. Sam is fluent in Spanish, dabbles in Korean, and will never pass up an opportunity to visit Olive Garden.

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Denyse Burns

Rock Star Coach

Denyse brings Wonder Woman status to Ward Certified! Denyse founded Madison-Burns & Associates, a New York and Toronto coaching, consulting and training firm where she’s worked with a wide range of audiences, including Fortune 500 CEOs and Vice-Presidents. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and meeting facilitation.

While Denyse speaks regularly at Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, NYU and University of Toronto on coaching and social intelligence, she still finds time to provide executive coaching for Ward Certified’s clients.

Denyse is fluent in DiSC, MBTI, LSA, FIRO-B, COI, English, French, fashion and wine.

Maryanne Spatola_300.jpeg

Maryanne Spatola

Guest Rockstar Facilitator

Named one of NJ BIZ 2018 Best 50 Women in Business, Maryanne has been helping organizations create innovative solutions with sustainable results for over 20 years. Maryanne mixes academic theory with practical application to develop people in the classroom and beyond. She is an expert of the future of work and helping companies create innovative solutions.

Maryanne teaches at NYU, is SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MHCS, PCC certified, but most importantly - a proud Grandmother.

Inez Kirchner_300.png

Inez Kirchner

Celebrity Copywriter

Inez is passionate about telling stories and helping people find their voice. She has more than 15 years of experience writing, creating content, and connecting brands with their audience. She creates content that aligns with our brand and promotes Ward Certified’s energy to our clients. She has had the pleasure of honing her communication skills within a variety of industries from fast food to finance to international relations!

Inez was born and raised in San Antonio, and is fluent in Texas culture. When she’s not writing, traveling, or spending time with family, you can find her cheering on the San Antonio Spurs, DIY-ing, or chasing after her toddler.

Laura Kalb_300.jpg

Laura Kalb

Behind-the-Scenes Batman

Laura is a bucket-filling pro who is passionate about pouring into others to help them change the world. When not supporting Ward Certified, Laura is Assistant Director for Coaching and Professional Development at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Her expertise lies in event planning, career advising, client management, and data analysis.

Laura loves all things Excel and project management software. She lives for optimizing systems (like our team!), is fluent in data analysis, and can pick out the perfect GIF for any scenario.


Karin Knebl

Experience Coordinator

Whether acting or producing, Karin loves to help people.  She’s been on stage and behind the stage and now she coordinates our stage.  You’ll find Karin emailing, coordinating, planning and smiling as she gets team Ward Certified to the right place at the right time with the right materials.  Ask her about the cat that stalkers her, the dog the comforters her and the three great kids that make her proud.    

Karin was born and raised in Randolph, NJ but now calls Colorado her home.  She loves figure skating, riding horses and baking sugary sweets.